1. order
   egg & cress - 1.69
    plain bagel, free range eggs, cress and mayonnaise

   veggie delite - 1.99
    sundried tomato bagel, lite cream cheese, lettuce,
    tomato, cucumber and basil

   berries & cream tea - 1.99
    blueberry bagel, cream cheese and strawberry jam

   ploughmans - 2.29
    cheddar bagel, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and
    branston pickle

   egg & bacon breakfast - 2.29
    plain bagel, free range eggs, crispy bacon, tomato,
    mayonnaise and ketchup

   tuna salad - 2.39
    plain bagel, dolphin-safe tuna, lettuce, cucumber and

   chicken salad - 2.39
    plain bagel, roasted chicken, lettuce, tomato and

   zesty mozzarella & tomato - 2.49
    sundried tomato bagel, mozzarella cheese, tomato,
    pesto, basil and pinenuts

   mediterranean - 2.49
    sundried tomato bagel, houmous, roasted peppers,
    lettuce, black olives and pinenuts

   chicken caesar - 2.59
    plain bagel, roasted chicken, lettuce, tomato, caesar
    dressing and parmesan cheese

   smoked turkey & cranberry - 2.69
    sesame bagel, smoked turkey, lettuce, cucumber and
    cranberry sauce

    smoked ham & swiss - 2.69
    plain bagel, smoked ham, emmenthal cheese, lettuce,
    cucumber and mustard

   roast beef & horseradish - 2.79
    onion bagel, roast beef, lettuce, tomato and horseradish

   salt beef & mustard - 2.79
    plain bagel, salt beef, lettuce, dill pickles and mustard

   prawn & roquette - 2.79
    sesame bagel, tender young prawns, roquette, cucumber,     lemon juice and mayonnaise

   pastrami & swiss - 2.89
    onion bagel, peppered pastrami, emmenthal cheese, dill
    pickles, lettuce and mustard

   milano & mozzarella -2.89
    plain bagel, milano salami, mozzarella cheese, lettuce and

   smoked salmon & cream cheese - 2.99
    poppy bagel, scottish smoked salmon, cream cheese, lemon
    juice and black pepper

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all orders include utensils and napkins
all food & drink delivered subject to 17.5% vat

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